How Can I Fund/Contribute?

As a business or business owner Sharing the credit simply means the ability for you and your business to either contribute or increase your financial contribution to the charities of your choice, by diverting the credit and debit card merchant services fees you have to pay to the bank, to the charity instead.

What this means is, that with no out of pocket expense to you or your bottom line, you can ‘share the credit’ both financially and increasing feelings of goodwill for your company and to the community the charities serve, all at the same time.

The way we do this is to provide you highly competitive credit card services through our company Meridian Merchant Services (LINK) which diverts the fees you have to pay to your bank, to the charity of your choice instead, through our IRS recognized Meridian Foundation,


Cutting Merchant Service Costs

In fact, most businesses we partner with save money and cut costs over and above what they currently pay by getting the service they need that is not normally available elsewhere.

Best of all, your contribution and our service is on automatic so that you can focus on your business, because the better your business, the better your support.