Never! This program is designed simply for you to increase your financial support, beyond your donation to your favorite charities, as well as decrease your merchant service costs and get the service that will benefit your business.

However, if you are a business that is not presently donating to any IRS recognized charity and would like to do so, we can help pair you with organizations that meet both your and our Meridian Foundation requirements.

We put your support on fully automatic that allows you to concentrate on what you do best: running your business. Whether you make pizzas, sell clothes, or cut hair; your time is best spent doing that which brings in sales. Let us do the rest.

They have to meet basic Federal guidelines Meridian Foundation is an IRS recognized foundation.

They also must be registered and approved by the IRS, located in the US or have a US office, are currently in good standing, and in good standing each and every time a quarterly check from the Meridian Foundation is issued.

They must meet basic Meridian Foundation guidelines as set up in our By-Laws.

Being a faith-based group, there are some basic parameters to be met. Right now, we gladly support schools, hospitals and medical programs, fine music, veterans, feeding the hungry, homes for the needy, orphans, maternity homes, animal care, ballets, inner city youth golf, and jail ministries.

If your business has a cause you believe in and you would like to support it further financially, without it affecting your bottom line…
If your financial support limited to what you can afford and you would like to increase it with no out of pocket expense

Well, now you can, and here’s how…

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