Sharing the Credit.

Sharing the Credit.

Because work isn't the only thing that inspires you.

Do you love to go to work? We do.  There is a great feeling about giving money to worthy causes in the area. Helping make sure they not only stay afloat, but thrive all while boosting their community is our passion.


 We have the best job in the world if you don't count Santa, Superman, or the Avengers. We work with Non-Profits that love what they do and businesses that are inspired by them. We help them work together and raise money at no additional costs to anyone. We free up the businesses that support these great charities, and free them from clutter, because we have no fun runs, light the night walks, bake sales, and we never have them asking their clients if they, “want to add a dollar?”


The best job in the world, Santa and Superman notwithstanding, is to support and encourage great charities. That's what we do. At the Meridian Foundation, we enable business to support qualified charitable causes ranging from education to healthcare, from music to housing, and everything in between without encumbering themselves or their clients.


 There is a proud smile that originates from one's brain at what has been accomplished. That's good. A joyous smile though, erupts from one's inner self and effervesces across one's heart and leaves you with no choice but to smile. A really grinning, toothy smile, where maybe you look a little goofy. That's great. That's the feeling one gets when the business owners keep telling you how happy they are that they are saving money and donating all at the same time. That's the feeling you get when you hand a non-profit a check and let them know they will be getting that every quarter. That they now have truly sustainable funding, and it will just keep on coming.


 We love our work. We are inspired by our charities. We are excited to help businesses fund them.