Sharing the Credit.

How Can I Get Funded?

Do you have a Non-Profit, charity, or 501c3 that needs support? Contact us and let us get you an agent that can help your organization (at no cost to you or them) get the funding they need. We'll work with you and the businesses that help support you now and show you avenues of funding you'd have never dreamed of.


You'll be excited that you did.

What does “Sharing the Credit” mean?

Does your business have a cause you believe in? Do you support them? Would you like to save your bottom line and support them anyway? How about supporting them automatically? The Meridian Foundation supports worthy causes by pairing them with businesses like yours. We help you fund them via fees that your business already pays now at no additional cost to you. In fact, most businesses we deal with save money through our partnering program, cut out middle men, and donate found money to the groups they believe in. Best of all, it's on automatic so that you can focus on your business, because the better your business, the better your support.


Would my business be expected to ask

for donations?

Never Ever. Face it: you work too hard to spend time selling for someone else. Most businesses need their bottom lines to make sure the next quarter is safe, new advertising strategies can be met, and of course prepare for the unexpected expenses that always arise. Why risk all that? If you have a business, we can put your support on fully automatic and get you back to what you do best: running your business. Whether you make pizzas, sell clothes, or cut hair; your time is best spent doing that which brings in sales. Let us do the rest.



What kinds of businesses can contribute to the Meridian Foundation?

Our faith is important to us and gives us ethical guidelines that most people in the world are going to fall in line with anyway. As long as your business does not engage in adult material, you're probably fine. Restaurants and bars that sell alcoholic beverages are acceptable, as long as everyone keeps their clothes on. A basic guideline is generally would you walk into the business with your 6 year old daughter? If you would, it should be OK. Contact us for guidelines.



Which charities can receive funds?

First they have to meet basic Federal guidelines as we are a foundation. The shortest answer is that the charity is registered and approved by the IRS, is located in the US or has a US office, is currently in good standing, and is in good standing each and every time a quarterly check is about to be issued.

Secondly, they must meet basic Meridian Foundation guidelines as set up in our By-Laws. Being a faith based group, there are some basic parameters to be met. Right now we gladly support schools, hospitals and medical programs, fine music, veterans, feeding the hungry, homes for the needy, orphans, maternity homes, animal care, ballets, inner city youth golf, and jail ministries.